Mar. 30, 2011

This website features articles about a variety of subjects: training with bridges and targets, making dog movies, non-competitive musical canine freestyle, et al.

It includes numerous videos: mini-movie productions, clips from longer movies we've made of our dogs (along with text and photos on how I taught some of the more advanced actions and behaviors); musical canine freestyle routines; and videos illustrating points in some of the articles.

There are Poodle cartoons, limericks, poems, and tales; information about parti-colored Poodles; pictures of an outside and an inside obstacle course for dogs; and ideas for skits for public performance.

We occasionally hold dog-related seminars and events at Canine Horizons.

Stills from Jyah and Sydney's newest detective story, "The Whisperwood Arsonist" 
J.D.'s Discreet Investigations agency has been hired to investigate suspected arson on Whisperwood Lane. Will J.D. and and his fearless assistant, Sydney, find out who's been setting the fires? Watch it and see.