Articles cover a wide range of topics including  training with bridges and targets, making dog movies, musical canine freestyle, and a variety of other subjects. 

This section features skits or demonstrations that we have done as part of our performances with dogs at schools, libraries, retirement homes, etc.  It also features Musical Canine Freestyle routines.

These 10 to 30 minute movies are for both children and adults who love dogs.  They are filled with the dogs performing trained actions and behaviors that are in context to the scripts.  They are professional quality movies complete with music, sound effects, and entertaining stories.

The Entry Page for the Canine Horizons website. 

Pictures of Poodles with for-fun captions.

Historically the parti color was common in Poodles. It was not until the turn of the 20th Century that for some unknown reason Poodle clubs  disqualified the parti color.  However, multi-colored Poodles are currently experiencing a strong comeback in the U.S. and can be shown in conformation classes in the United Kennel Club.  They are also making a comeback in other countries.  

Pictorials, poems, cartoons, and limericks about life with Poodles. 

We host various types of dog-related seminars at Canine Horizons. 

Pictorial tour of the Canine Horizons facility: training building, obstacle course, and agility course.

People share their captivating true stories about life with Poodle companions.
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Includes numerous videos: mini-movies and clips from 30-minute movies we've made of our dogs with text and photos on how I taught some of the more advanced actions and behaviors, musical canine freestyle routines, and videos illustrating points in various articles.

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