In Joey's first movie (which we shot the six weeks he was between 18 weeks to 24 weeks old) he was still learning about working (playing) in front of a camera so I used mostly basic behaviors like sit, come, down, stand, and stay.  But, I also used a few advanced trained behaviors that he was learning.  These were: wave, backup, touch your nose, retrieve, focus on an object, scratch, and yawn. 

I used music from Grammy Award winner Arthur Stead's  album "One World - Many Stories" which was composed by Arthur and Leslie Stead for people to use in their library summer reading programs.  I thought "reading" would be a really neat theme for baby Joey's first movie. 
Read about Arthur Stead 

I also used royalty-free movie clips from Videoblocks which I chroma-keyed Joey into (see blue-screen left) so he could travel the world without us actually going anywhere - hence the theme of the movie, "Reading can take you anywhere you want to go."