We started shooting this movie when Joey was 18 weeks old and finshed when he was 24 weeks old.

I scripted the story to fit Grammy Award winner Arthur Stead's royalty-free song "One World - Many Stories" which he and Leslie Stead composed for library summer reading programs.   

This movie is of three-month old Scotty and eight-month-old Joey starting their canine "acting" classes.  Their beginner's course covers Physical Education (obstacles: confidence, agility, and balance), Scenting Class (locating scents), Fundamentals (basics: wait, sit, down, stand, come), Drama Class (acting behaviors) and Dance Class (beginning freestyle moves). 

This is the Parti Boys second movie together.  Joey had just turned one and Scotty was seven months old.  A local park had asked us to create a movie/video promoting the attractions at the park.    

Joey and Scotty are staying overnight with their Aunt Rachel . . . not knowing that it is Halloween and that Aunt Rachel has a ghoulish sense of humor. 

Joey (21 months) and Scotty (16 months) take a "Speech" and "Find It" class to prepare for their movie, "Here Kitty, Kitty."

Joey (2 yrs) and Scotty (22 mos) practice obstacles and are then chroma-keyed into scenes where their actions fit the environment . . . similar to how commercial movies sometimes do it.
Joey and Scotty are excited to start on their first detecting case . . . until they find out that their client is a zombie.  A whimsical nod to the recent spate of zombie movies.
Lyrics by Charlene and Glenn Dunlap
Music and Song by Arthur and Leslie Stead
This is Joey's second lesson in working the Newton's Cradle.  Sydney has been doing this for years.  Most recently in "The New Detectives Meet the Zombie"