Lyrics by Charlene and Glenn Dunlap
Music and song by Arthur and Leslie Stead

We are the Parti Boys and acting is our game
You may not know us but we're on our way to fame.
Theater's not our interest, or acting on the stage
Making our own movies is the way we engage.
A little bit of drama and a lot of playful fun
We wanna entertain you - and we've only just begun.
Oh,yeah - bow wow - acting's our game
Scotty and Joey, that's the name.

Parti, we're the Parti Boys.

We wake up in the morning and give ourselves a shake
Then look around to see what mischief we can make.
The Cook is in the kitchen mixing up our food
And if we steal a bite she will not think us rude.
Our Dental Assistant gets our toothbrush out
She loads it up with toothpaste and opens up our mouth.
Oh, yeah, bow wow, we gotta look good
Like every Poodle should

Parti, we're the Parti Boys
Parti, we're the Parti Boys.

We've got a Personal Trainer who makes it her career
To exercise us daily - and all with good cheer.
Our own Groomer greets us every day
We jump in the tub and wash the dirt away.
Trimming our hair with love and perfection
With comb and scissors in every direction.
She keeps us looking as nifty as can be
Glancing in the mirror - we like what we see.

We get in the car and go for a ride
To the woods and the lake - it's fun to play outside.
Our own Chaperon walks us down the street
Looking so fine, giving everyone a treat.
Dapper and handsome as a movie star
We're the Parti Boys and we're going far!
Oh yeah, bow wow - acting's the game
And we are on our way to fame!

Parti, we're the Parti Boys.

We have a Coach to teach us all we need to know
Like how to act and dance - at the studio
Taking acting lessons is always so neat
Have you seen our movies?  You're in for a treat.
There's action and adventure, mystery and crime
Watch any of our videos in primetime.
Oh yeah - bow bow - acting's the game
Scotty and Joey, that's the name.

Parti, we're the Parti Boys
Parti, we're the Parti Boys

Words & Music (c) 2014 by C. Dunlap/G. Dunlap, A. Stead/L. Stead