"Not raining? But, we wanted to try out our new umbrella today."

Practice makes pawfect!

" We didn't know gardening was so easy!"

"Let's take it to Mom. Maybe she'll know what to do with it."

"Is she EVER going to ring that dinner bell?"!"

 "And now for my encore. Jyah, are you listening?"


 "We won't meet any REAL pirates, will we Jyah?"

"How many times do I have to tell you guys? Never yell "CAT!" in a crowded dog training class."

"What do you mean it's not a real bunny?"

"Jyah, I've made this list of New Year's resolutions for you to keep."

 "More flowers? (groan) No, Jyah. I said I wanted more powers."

"Darn that Sydney! I bet she's locked both doors."

"Hi Mom! We're back from outer space -- what's for dinner?"

"They followed us home, Mom.  Can we keep 'um, huh?"

New sigthing of the Loch Ness Monster?

"Whoa!! Is that a lizard I see up there?!!

Geese:  "Hey, you bums!  Where's the food?"

Parti pair:  "We thought YOU were the food."

"Jyah, promise me you won't sing in church today like you did last Sunday."

Rural newpaper delivery

"Riding up here, I can see the Poodles coming from a mile away . . . wonder why this guy's so slow?"

"Don't worry. I'm sure I can figure out how to ride this thing."

"I was walking along minding my own business when  suddenly out of the blue . . . . !"

"Is this where I learn about the birds and the bees?"

"Oh, yeah?  Well, here's what I think about that!"

Blissfully unaware, Charlene had no idea the Poodles were leading her deeper and deeper into the forest.

"Hi, come on in, we're friendly.  Er . . . you do have insurance coverage, don't you?"

"Heehee - the birds will think I'm a garden statue. They'll land on the birdbath and then I'll make my move." 

"Blab, blab, blab.  She does go on and on about things.  Wonder where that ant's going?" 

"Oh, man!  This kid cracks me up!!"

Daily practicing their doggie yoga, the Poodles found the front pawstand the most challenging pose.

Their chauffeur did not always appear to know where she was going; however, the Poodles were too polite to point this out.    

"Oh, boy, oh, boy!  Mum's gonna be so surprised when she sees what I've got!"
(It's a turtle!!) 

"The story goes that when merdogs come out of the water, their fins turn into legs and . . . . ."

Proof that Poodles are working dogs:  Unretouched photos of Jyah operating a bobcat, and Sydney resting after using a chainsaw to cut down trees to make a road.

The swans came over to us hissing, "Give us food and don't try nuthin' funny.".

"What I'm about to say may shock you . . . but,  many dogs enjoy swimming in muddy water like this."

When I first got parti-colored Poodles, I thought it would be so neat that, unlike same-colored Poodles, each dog could be instantly recognized by their coat pattern.  However, much to my surprise, when two black and white partis are together they meld into one dog.  No wonder lions are confused by a herd of zebras!

"Hmmm . . . was that 'Step on a crack, break your mother's back,' or 'Step on a crack, your mother'll give you a snack?'"

We've heard of baggy pants, but baggy trees???"


When zebras fly