It was a clear, crisp December morning. As the Parti-Pair stood gazing longing at the ducks, the veiwer notes with a start that the person on the other end of their leashes is a man -- most likely the elusive other half of the parti-pair's owners. Since he has rarely been photographed, there had been speculation that her husband was only a figment of Charlene's imagination.

Well of course there's a husband. Who else would be patient enough to take all these pictures!

After walking the two-mile trail (and visiting with some geese), it was off to the pet mart.

This pet store has a doggy daycare center which Jyah thought looked like fun. Sydney, however, was happy to be on this side of the fence.

Jyah and I were tempted by the adult cats for adoption -- but Sydney outvoted us.

Look at all those fish!

And, gorgeous, colorful parrots!!

But, best of all -- the Guineas !!!

Jyah wanted to take this one home. We almost did.

Jyah would have taken this little cutie home too.

Oh, my -- so many choices!!

A bite to eat and then home for a nap.