October 2009

This is my second attempt at a brace routine.  It is performed with Jyah (age nine) and Sydney (age eight).  As some moves in this routine have the dogs widely apart, we have used two cameras (one stationary and one mobile) to shoot the routine so as to keep all performers in view at all times.

As I don't compete, I choreograph routines for a more intimate space.  This routine is performed in a space about 30-foot square.


Opening pose and first move: Dogs have front feet on pedestal and are nose to nose. I stand posed behind them holding a raised baton. As music begins, I drop arm/baton which signals Sydney to step off the platform and Jyah to hop up on platform.

Second move: I stand to the side as both dogs begin to "wheel". For Sydney, this means backing all the way around the platform and Jyah turning in circles on the platform in the opposite direction until Sydney completes her full circle around the platform and sits.

Third move: Sydney sit/stays while Jyah steps off platform and accompanies me in heel position three steps – he circles – we continue two steps and Jyah goes under my leg to right heel and continues as we turn in a counter-clockwise circle with Jyah at the end of the baton which I’m holding horizontally about knee-high as we move.

Fourth move: As soon as Jyah and I start turning, I call Sydney who comes in and begins jumping the baton clock-wise. When she has jumped three times, I stop and cue both dogs to front position – Sydney on Jyah’s right side. Dogs’ backs are to the audience – I’m in front of dogs facing audience.

Fifth move: Immediately, Sydney jumps over Jyah, stops. Jyah jumps over Sydney, stops. Sydney jumps over Jyah, stops.  Jyah jumps over Sydney, stops. On the last jump, I make sure Jyah is on Sydney’s right side and I signal both dogs to "front". We turn so our sides are to the audience, and I cue Jyah to "sit/stay".

Sixth move: As I skip backwards, Sydney is in front position skips left, right, left, etc. across front of stage.  Stop - sit/stay

Seventh move: I step to my left and walk about half-way to Jyah then cue him to "circle" "high" "circle" "high"  coming forward and then, as we are now back to Sydney, I have him "loop" around her two times and sit next to her on her right. Immediately, Sydney stands and backs around Jyah one time.   

Eighth move:
I cue both dogs to "front" as I turn so their backs are to the audience. I cue them to "wait" and back about half-way to platform and kneel facing dogs.

Ninth move: I hold baton out to my left side and cue Jyah to "over". He jumps baton, goes to the platform, gets up, turns, and sits facing the audience. I swing baton to my right side and cue Sydney to "over".  She jumps baton, goes around behind the platform and sits next to it facing audience. I stand, turn, and face platform signaling both dogs to "teddybear" (sit-up). As they sit, I’m walking towards platform.

Tenth move and final pose: I arrive at platform, turn and stand next to Jyah opposite Sydney, and we all strike final pose.