Because my dogs are actors in movies that my husband and I produce, I don't want them always looking at me when responding to a cue.  I want them to perform what I'm telling them to do as if it were their own idea, not in the intense, immediate response, obviously-cued  way seen in the obedience ring. 
Basically, to teach my dogs to respond to cues while NOT looking at me, I teach him to look at something else in his environment.  I train this by having the dog focus on an object rather than my face when responding to a cue. 

All cues are first taught with the dog looking at me and then, when he solidly knows the cue, I ask him to do it while focusing on a toy or a piece of food.  Ultimately, for acting purposes, my goal is for the dog  to look at whatever I indicate while performing a cue I've given.