This skit is designed to show a dog's retrieving type skills and, since it takes about 8-10 minutes to perform, I have made a shortened version video showing only the dog's trained behaviors.

This skit was designed to be performed in small indoor spaces such as libraries and nursing homes.  It is done in conjunction with other demos about dog care, obedience training, and/or other entertainment.   

Click on above picture for video 


I tell the audience that I've told my dogs to gather up everything they need to pack for our trip. 

Jyah and Sydney walk onto the "stage" each holding the end of a beach towel in which they are carrying all types of toys.   I say, "Oh, no!  We don't have room for all those toys.  See?  These are the items we're going to take on our trip.  Sydney please put these in the bag."  Sydney picks up all the items and puts them in the duffel bag. 

"Jyah, would you please zip the bag shut."  The dogs and I then walk "off-stage" with Jyah carrying the bag.  I come back on with a beach towel and lay it out on the floor and sit down.  "Well, here we are on the beach.  Jyah, would you bring my sunglasses."  He brings them and puts them on.  (Actually, Jyah's nose extends over the glasses when he's holding them in a position to put them on my face so I have to help slide them on when he releases them.)  Sydney comes and takes the glasses off, and I say, "Oh, I'm sorry, Sydney.  I didn't know these were yours.  I thought they were mine."

Sydney and I are sitting together.  (Jyah is off to the the side)  I have a sun hat turned up by my hip.  I say to Sydney, "I wonder if there are snakes at the beach.  I hope not!"  Jyah carries a rope to the hat and begins putting it into the well of the hat, all the while checking to make sure I don't see him. (Actually, since I'm not looking at him, he keeps looking at me to see if he should continue.)  When he's through, I pick up the hat without looking and put it on my head.  The rope falls out on my head, and I shriek.  Jyah sits and covers his mouth with his paw, snickering. 

Sydney carries a paper to me.  I say, "Sydney what have you got?  Shake the sand out of it so I can read it better."  (Sydney shakes the paper.)  "Jyah bring it to me, please."  (Jyah takes the paper from Sydney and brings it to me.) "It looks like a treasure map.  It says back up and dig here." (Sydney backs away and digs.)  "Oh, look at all those coins! (I've covertly put several quarters and half dollars on the floor.)  "Sydney, put them in this old jar and we'll take them home."  (Sydney picks up coins and drops them in the jar.)

"It's time to go home now . . . but, where are my keys?!  Oh, there's a bunch of keys.  Find mine, please."  Jyah goes to pile of keys and scent retrieves mine and brings them to me. 

"Well, we've had a wonderful time.  It was so nice being here!  See you all next time!" 

The dogs and I leave the "stage."

I walk "on-stage" carrying a duffel bag.  I tell the audience that the dogs and I are getting ready to go to the beach.  I open a duffel bag and place it on the floor.  (Usually I have a helper who can set the dogs up before they come "on stage.")