May 2008

Hansel and Gretel were much loved by their family and lived in a nice home with lots of doggy toys to play with. 
(Jyah: "sit" "hold it"  Sydney: "down")

One day, Gretel was reading a book.  Suddenly she thought,  "Is that spaghetti sauce on this page?  I'll just lick it and see.  Delicious!"  
(Sydney:  "Watch it." (book)

Soon she had munched the whole page.  Hansel said, "Oh, Gretel!  You shouldn't have done that!" 
( Sydney: "Hold - pull" 
Jyah: "Touch your nose" (ut oh)

When Gretel's mom saw what she had done to her favorite book, she was very angry and scolded Gretel. 
Sydney: "Touch your nose (shame)"
Jyah: "Lift your foot" pointing it at the true culprit)

"Well," thought Gretel, "I do not deserve to be scolded!"  She decided to run away from home -- just for a short while to teach her mom a lesson.  (Sydney: Carries "hobo suitcase")

Hansel knew that his sister Gretel tended to get herself into trouble and decided to go along to watch over her.  He began dropping cookies along the way so they could find their way back . . . and have something to eat on the way.  
(Jyah: "drop it" (above)   "carry bag" (left)       

Soon, they came to a stream.  Luckily, there were stepping stones so they could cross over the water without getting wet. 
(Sydney and Jyah walk across circular mats stepping on each one with their front feet.)

She walked right up to the person who fed her a piece of bacon.  Then he put a rope around her neck, took her into the cabin, and tied her to a table!!!  Afterwhich, he went outside to chop wood.  Gretel was very depressed! 
(Sydney: "down" "chin" (on paws)

Suddenly, they came to a clearing.  There was a cabin with a person sitting out front by a campfire cooking bacon.  Gretel's mouth watered!  "I so deserve to have bacon," she thought.  (Sydney: "lick your lips")

Meanwhile, Hansel had hidden behind a tree and watched.  (Jy: "Get behind - peek")

As soon as the person's back was turned, Hansel crawled unseen to the cabin and leaped through the open window. 
(Jyah: "crawl" (above) and "jump" (left)

He immediately pulled the rope off Gretel.  Gretel was very pleased to see her brother!! 
(Jyah: "get it" "pull")

She leaped over Hansel and jumped out the window.  
(Sydney: "Over")

They both ran home as fast as they could . . .

The moral of our story is, "We ought never to change our situation in life, without duly considering the consequences of such a change."  ~~ Aesop

Unfortunately, Hansel didn't notice that Gretel was following behind eating all the cookies. 
(Sydney given "okay" to eat cookies)

Hansel carefully placed each cookie. 
(Jyah: hold cookie between toes)

(Jyah hugging Sydney)

 . . . and lived happily ever after.