Circa 1989 to February 19, 2010

One of the kindest, dearest, smartest souls we've ever known. 

Molly was such a "workaholic" that we often wondered if she was a Border Collie in disguise.   

We found Molly wandering the streets of town in early 1990.  She was a young adult with all her permanent teeth so she was at least six-months old.  Advertisements did not bring her owners.  At the time, we had two Standard Poodles: Stoney (black) and Keila (white), one and two years old respectively.  April (apricot) came to live with us in 1991 when she was six-months old. 
Once, I came home from a trip to find that Glenn had shaved Molly's feet (like the Poodles).  Since she had very large, very flat feet, this looked extremely odd.     
Molly loved to snatch my glasses.  When a local TV news show did a piece on our dogs' play yard, Molly took the reporter's glasses off  for a cute camera shot.    
Jyah was born in 2000 when Molly was about eleven years old.   Our other parti Standard Sydney was born the following year.    
When Molly was about 17, she played  the part of a "mouse" in our movie The Birthday Caper.  She learned to walk a tightrope in just three days.      
This was Molly's last day.  She had been with us for 20 years.  Sydney, Jyah, Glenn, and I deeply felt our loss. 
  We all went everywhere together.   Above right, Molly helps us perform at a local nursing home.  In 2000 (after Keila's death), Molly played the "fairy" in in our movie The Fuzzy Fairy Incident along with Stoney and April. 

In Loving Memory of