These two unpolished 45-second routines were choreographed to illustrate an article I wrote for The United Poodle Breeds Association Fall 2009 Newsletter titled Creating Freestyle Routines for Entertainment 

The Entertainer (with Sydney) has mostly basic flowing moves.

Itsy Bitsy Spider (with Jyah) features more bouncy moves.

Although I'm not interested in competing, I do enjoy teaching my dogs routines for entertainment purposes. These two short, compact routines can be performed in relatively small spaces. Both of the above routines require a space about 25 square feet whereas competition routines (under the World Canine Freestyle Organization's guidelines) are performed in either a 30' x 60' or a 40' x 80' ring. 

Once your dog knows freestyle moves, mini routines can be fairly quickly and easily trained. These condensed routines are a good size and length for programs in places like retirement homes, school libraries, and local theaters.   

To see how I taught the "skip" featured in The Entertainer go to "Teaching the Skip".