People were always telling Snow White how beautiful she was. Snow White began to get a little embarrassed about it. (Hides face.)

Snow White's step-mother, the Queen, was jealous of Snow White's beauty and decided to send her off to boarding school. When Snow White heard that, she scooted out of the Queen's sight. (Scoots backwards.)

Snow White thought it might be a good idea to hide for awhile. (Goes inside box and lies down.)

Then, Snow White ran away to the forest. She walked for a long time through the trees. (Weaves several steps through legs.)

But, Snow White got lost! (Figure 8's around legs.)

She found herself going round and round in circles. (Goes around person several times.)

She decided to stop and pray for guidance. (Sits with feet up on knee -- head down between legs.

When Snow White looked up, she saw a tiny cottage. When she went inside, she found junk all over the floor. "Oh, my! What a messy place," thought Snow White. Quickly she picked up everything and put it away. (Picks up several items and puts them in basket.

Then, she lay down for a nap. (Lies down and pulls blanket over self.)

When Snow White awoke, she was surrounded by seven dwarfs -- Doc, Sleepy and the others. (Yawns at word "Sleepy".)

"My step-mother, the Queen, wants to send me to boarding school," said Snow White. "May I stay here?" Well! The dwarfs thought that was a wonderful idea! Snow White dusted furniture, made beds and baked cookies. (Holds feather duster and goes around object with duster touching object.)

One day, after the dwarfs went off to work, Snow White heard a knock at the door. "Who's there?!" (Speaks)

It was the Queen who had come to apologize for scaring Snow White and to ask her to come home .

As the Queen bent down to hug Snow White, Snow White quickly snatched the Queen's glasses off her face -- because she knew that without her glasses the Queen could not see who was the fairest in the land. (Retrieves glasses from face and backs away.)

Then the Queen and Snow White walked hand in hand back to the castle. (Footwalk)

Once upon a time there was a lovely young girl named Snow White. (Curtsy)

Snow White was the king's daughter, but Snow White was a bit of a tomboy and had to practice being elegant. (Walks with book on head like a model.)