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Ponydoodles are "bred" by Carole Beresh.
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Chili, our new brown Ponydoodle foal fresh from the cabbage patch.

With the recent tremendous marketing of Poodle crosses, we thought a cross that had unique qualities not already found in the Poodle made more sense.

After long hours in the lab tinkering with the DNA, we have created a "doodle" which does not lessen the original.

(Note: A couple of "My Little Pony" toys accidentally fell in the gene splicer, hence the neon-pink hair.)

In addition to the traits of the Poodle, the Ponydoodle can be ridden by small children, mow your lawn, and can be maintained on either a meat-based diet or on hay and grain -- thereby cutting the cost of feed.

"Ponydoodle" Kitty (UKC Ch. Carole Janes Kitty Kitty) owned by Carole Beresh.

Reserve your Ponydoodle now !!!!!

Our Ponydoodles are between 21-24 inches tall.  They have great dispositions and are patient with small children.  They are highly intelligent, learn quickly, and are eager to please.

Ponydoodles are athletic and excel in such events as jumping, driving, obstacles, halter, and "liberty" classes (where the Ponydoodle is turned loose in a ring to perform to music).

Being somewhat stronger swimmers than their Poodle counterparts (occasionally wild Ponydoodles have been seen swimming the bay between Chincoteague and Assateague), Ponydoodles have also done remarkably well in duck retrieving trials.  

Best of all, after a day in the pasture or working in the performance ring, Ponydoodles can curl up beside you on the sofa to watch T.V.

(A tongue-in-cheek look at doodle crosses.)

Farleys D V Mama He's Crazy, owned by Bonni Taylor of Laconia, New Hampshire, is a typical example of the stable temperament of a Ponydoodle.

Most Ponydoodles are too small to be ridden, even by small children; however; ALL Ponydoodles love to be hugged and petted which makes them ideal for visitations to schools, hospitals, and nursing homes. 

For years, Ponydoodles have been used to help people who have challenges in their lives.  Medical studies have proven  Ponydoodles  can lower blood pressure and have a calming effect on humans.      

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Judd is certified for therapy work and accompanies his owner twice a week  to work in an assisted living facility. 


Prodigy Phabulous Country Pride
Sherman is owned by Anne Bennett
of Auckland, New Zealand.

This stunning Draft Ponydoodle recently won "Best Groomed" at the prestigous NZ National Ponydoodle Invitational and  received a year's supply of Ponydoodle Grooming Products.  

One of the major attributes of the Draft Ponydoodle is the profuse feathering on the ankles.  The mane and tail are also very thick and curly.   The Draft Ponydoodle can be any color; however, the parti-colors are called Gypsy Ponydoodles after the Gypsy Vanner horses they so resemble. 

Ponydoodles the world over make empathetic, trustworthy companions who love sharing in their owner's adventures.  Although the Ponydoodle is small, the love and devotion it offers is giant-sized. 

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