Chapter 3
One year old -- Oct. 2001

I have a little Wizard
     Who watches over me.
He's with me everywhere I go,
     And follows at my knee.
He has a little Wizard's wand
     On his head of feathered hair.
And everyone who knows him
     Can see that it is there.

I have a little Wizard
     Who's with me night and day.
He's with me when I'm sleeping,
     He's with me as I play.
He has a gift of magic
     That only I can see.
His love surrounds me like the air,
     It dwells inside of me.

I have a little Wizard
     Whose presence fills my heart.
There's a special alchemy
     That shaped this Wizard's art!
My Wizard has a heart of gold,
     A coat of black and white,
And the magic that my Wizard does
     Makes my heart take flight.

                                    Charlene Dunlap