Chapter 1
(Ages 11 to 13 weeks)

Once upon a time, in a place devoted to dogs, came Mydramagic Wizard of Ahhs. Jyah, as he was called, was a baby wizard whose mission it was to enchant people and to instruct them in the art of joyful living.

He had much to accomplish.

First, he would need to learn more about his base of operations.

Then off to check out the city.

The woods seemed like a perfect place to start.

Humans, he decided, should visit friends frequently. This would give the little Wizard the perfect opportunity to mesmerize more people.

Jyah wanted nothing more than to make his person happy. When he saw how delighted it made her to give him things, he devised ways that would beguile her into showering him with all the attention, toys and treats that every little Wizard deserves.

...and push a ball and cross a swinging bridge.

...and polishing her shoes by weaving back and forth at her feet between her legs. 

He learned to touch targets with his nose and his feet...

He carefully studied the habits and peculiarities of his new person so he would best know how to cast his spell.

Like remvoing her glasses for cleaning...