Drawing and text
by Charlene Dunlap
Sept. 2007

One starry night, Sydney rose ghostlike from her bed and glided along a moonlit path to a hill above the house.  Tall and slender, she has always dreamt of dancing . . . of graceful steps and pirouettes and flying leaps.  Like the mystical unicorn, she is sometimes seen dancing by the light of the full moon.

At the top of the hill, bathed in shimmering light, the most graceful and magical of all creatures awaits.  The unicorn gleams soft and white as a bank of fresh snow.  His pearled horn spirals from his forehead glowing delicately in the moonlight.  His dark blue eyes hold the knowledge of countless centuries.  His steps on silver hoofs are light and springy.  He snorts softly, and then his sweet, bell-like singing fills the air.

Two creatures of sophisticated innocence and purity of heart . . . the tuxedo clad Poodle and the noble unicorn.  Sydney curtsies, then rises on her hind legs. The unicorn turns, the silvery cascade of his mane swirling gently on his long slender neck.  With his magical horn, he lightly touches the crown of Sydney's dark feathered head . . . the touch of which is said to grant its recipient fulfillment of their fondest wish.

The unicorn and the Poodle dance together until a golden light creeps over the horizon.  Just before dawn, Sydney returns home with a confident heart and a soul filled with music.  When her person awakes, she will find a gently sleeping dog . . . with a strange bit of silvery dust clinging to her hair.


(Idea based on Sydney's 
imaginative  personality)