Copyright March 2011
Running time: nine minutes

The mysterious J.D., head of J.D.'s Discreet Investigations, and his detective assistant, Sydney, have been hired to  investigate suspicious fires on Whisperwood Lane.  They soon realize that there is an arsonist at work, and they must find the culprit before their client is charged with setting fire to her own house. 

Some of the more advanced behaviors I've used in this movie are:

Pacing (out of frame, I call her then send her to go touch a target out of frame, back and forth)
Go to chair, sit next to it, put foot up on arm, and speak (in one shot)
Retrieve exchange between two dogs
Heimlich-type maneuver
"Apprehend Scene" -- jump back and forth over person and pull on their clothes
"Watch" object in scene
Pull out cloth that is barely poking out of a pipe
Pull item tied to rope up to platform
Go to mailbox, open it, get package,close lid while holding package, and leave frame (in one shot)
Shred package (trained, not natural) 
Two dogs carry bulky item between them
Holding a large "eye dropper," walk up to stool and target it over dish
Two dogs "watch" dish on stool then turn together to "look right"
Drop coins into jar
Walk two rails (tightrope) above ground
Hold laser pointer between front teeth
Cover face

See J.D. and Sydney's first detective movie:
 "The Rothchild Ruby."