The first time it happened, I had let my pack of five Standard Poodles out in my fenced back yard for their morning exercise and had gone into my bedroom to get ready for work.  Suddenly, I heard a strange rustling noise outside my window.  I looked over and saw a shadow moving on the other side of the blinds.  Someone was out there peeping in my window!  Why weren't the dogs barking?!!

The walkway going to our backyard runs parallel to my bedroom windows and there are bushes between the walkway and the windows. The sliding glass door where the Poodles go in and out is in the next room over.  This is where they patiently wait to be let back in.  So, who could be looking in my window?  The thought scared me to death!


Gathering up my courage, I went over to the window and peeked out.  There was my oldest boy Clifford standing waist deep in the bushes with his front paws on the sill looking into the bedroom window.  I suppose he wanted to see if I was there and to tell me to hurry up and let him in.

This has been going on for quite awhile now, and I'm used to it.  However, now Clifford is recruiting new Poodle peepers.  Last night I heard more than the usual amount of rustling outside my window.  Sure enough, alongside Clifford was my new puppy with his little paws on the window sill looking in. 

Geez, I never have any privacy!