We hope to make your and your dog's seminar experience with us enjoyable and memorable. We have comfortable arm chairs (or you're welcome to bring your own chair). There is crating space inside front of building -- or your well-mannered dog can lie next to your chair. Building is heated and air-conditioned and has a full kitchen and bath. There is an obstacle course around the perimeter of the room for playing with your dog on breaks and at lunch (see below). Building is 50' x 100'

Come join us for our next seminar ! ! !

4'x8' platform in front of mirror. Platform training helps with distant work.

Tire Jump

Ladder going up to a 4' high platform. Going off the platform is a 17" wide ledge against the wall which goes to a

corner platform with three descending platforms. These lead down to a collapsed tunnel which is against the wall.

The slide leads to .. . two jumps which leads to . . . a curved tunnel.

The Obstacle Course

We hope to see you and your dog(s) at our next seminar!!

This corner unit has a barrel tunnel on top of another tunnel on the bottom. A ramp in the corner leads up to a 54" tall platform.

The 54" tall platform has a ramp down to a short swinging bridge . . .

. . . and on the other side, a slide.

Canine Horizons

This scene of the dogs playing on the equipment is from our first movie "Sweet Dreams of Bleu"