"Sweet Dreams of Bleu" is AWESOME!!! We laughed, we "Ooooohed" & "Ahhhhed", and frequently exclaimed, "How did they get those poodles to do that!!!" SP's Stoney, April, Bleu, Shay & Ricky are gorgeous and incredibly talented. Your efforts are truly 1st rate entertainment, and I would highly recommend "Sweet Dreams of Bleu" to any Poodle owner's video library.

W. Stern
Annandale, VA

"For those of you who haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend it. It is nothing like any dog movie you've ever seen; I don't think anything like it has ever been made. There is little narration. Instead, the story is told entirely from the point of view of the dogs. The story is clever, the behaviors amazing. It's really fun, something that will especially appeal to Poodle people and children."

L. Franklin
Raleigh, NC

"This evening, we watched SWEET DREAMS OF BLEU. It was great! The dance scene was fantastic. I don't have enough adjectives to describe how good the entire production is."

P. Singletary
Columbia, SC

"The wonderful video, SWEET DREAMS OF BLEU, was premiered in Southern California last night. This triumphant accomplishment of Charlene and Glenn Dunlap has gotten bi-coastal rave reviews!!!! The dance scene was the favorite with the audience here in La Jolla. We also loved the hide and seek scene until April interrupts the game!"

J. Borst
The Dapper Dog by Tiara
La Jolla, California

"SDofB is fabulous! The dogs are awesome, and it is extremely well-done. The human audience was spellbound and there was lots of laughter and 'ah's'. It is well worth the cost. You will definitely enjoy the movie."

J. Gray
Durham, NC

"For those of you who have not seen the movie SWEET DREAMS OF BLEU, it is really worth getting. This movie is unbelievable, these dogs are so well trained. Very entertaining. I have shown it to non-poodle people and they loved it!"

J. Lacey
Nashville, TN

"Just received THE FUZZY FAIRY INCIDENT. Our two young grandsons were visiting so while I enjoyed a 2nd cup of coffee, we watched the magical mystery of Stoney, April and Molly. Moon boys loved it!"

C. Moon
Fearrington, NC

"For those of you new to the list, I strongly recommend getting Charlene's 'poodle movies' if you want to get a taste of all the different things you can train dogs to do and see it all presented in a very fun way. These aren't training tapes, they're stories, but the dogs are phenomenal."

F. Fjoiris

"These stories are aimed at children -- my ten year old granddaughters laughed all the way through. But the adults I've shown these movies to have also been fascinated, especially people who know anything about dog training."

L. Franklin
Sutherland, MD

"I have just finished viewing two excellent videos made by Charlene Dunlap on this list. They are cute and sweet "stories" rather than a How-to-Video. At $25 for the pair, I think it is a bargain -- that includes the shipping too."

Capt. Haggerty
Author of "How to Teach Your Dog to Talk"

"The movie is wonderful!! You did another fantastic job -- everyone who sees it will be so excited about the incredible acting job of your dogs, not to mention the talent that you have in getting the whole project together so beautifully."

A. Stokes
Greensboro, NC

"Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the FFI. It was so much fun!!! I invited some of my training buddies over and made lunch for everyone this past week and we ate and watched your video. We were all very impressed with all you've taught your dogs and loved the dogs' facial expressions. You did a great job with the video!! C. Scott

"Enjoyed viewing your two videos -- FFI and SDofB -- magnificent! P. Ransom

"Five paws up!!! Good show and beautifully done!!! We all approved for what that's worth. Keep going. P. Klee

"Charlene, I was so inspired by your video! We were all looking forward to seeing this second video and we were certainly not disappointed. I loved every minute! L. Ross

"I'm a big time Poodle person and I loved your videos. I can't believe you've taught your Poodles to open doors and cupboards. If I did that with my miniatures they would be in the cupboards looking for food. Thanks for putting together great entertainment! S. Barkan

Just want to say a huge Thank you!!  I watched it this morning and loved it.  Even my husband sat and watched it with me!!  It was sooo well done and of course your dogs are great.


I had to watch my copy twice.  It is truly amazing.  Really made my day. Such bright dogs and gifted trainer.


I am fascinated with all the things the dogs are doing, but also loved the fact that it appeared that the dogs were just "doing" these things and looked like they were "thinking things up" as opposed to anything looking staged. 


The Wizard arived and is brilliant!  What marvelous dog-training!  My favorite scenes are in the house-cleaning episodes.


It was WONDERFUL!  I couldn't believe all the tricks Charlene taught her dogs and put to a story. 


I want to tell you how much my family has enjoyed your great movies.  My three year old grandaughter watches the dancing dogs every day and her favorite part is when you fall.  Three year olds have a warped sense of humor!  Thanks for taking time to make so much enjoyment for so many


We can't begin to describe how wonderful your film made us feel.  Right from the very start, we fell in love with Sydney and Jyah.  Your storyline drew us in and every pawstep of the way we were thrilled, dazzled and entertained!  Your storytelling, use of music, camera and editing, direction, production  . . . all top notch.

Arthur and Leslie  

What a thrill to see these beautiful dogs.  When we watched it for the first time, we both looked at each other and said "That's fabulous!"