As evidenced by numerous paintings and drawings from the 1700s and 1800's, as well as historical documentation in Emily Cain's Poodle History Project, the parti color was once common in Poodles; however, sometime around the turn of the 20th century, Poodle clubs in England and the United States chose to prohibit all but solid-colored Poodles in the conformation ring.  As there is no written rationale given for this decree, it is reasonable to believe that it was done simply at the whim of those in power at the time.

Currently in the United States there is a resurgence of the parti-color.  Using the Internet, people in locations around the country have come together for a common cause, and in February 2002 formed the Multi-Colored Poodle Club of America (a not-for-profit organization).  Their first Specialty was held on June 17, 2006 in conjunction with the United Kennel Club's 12th Annual Premier show.

In 2003 the United Kennel Club, which has been registering Poodles since 1914,  after reviewing a great deal of evidence attesting to the presence of purebred multi-colored Poodles throughout history, revised the Poodle  breed standard to eliminate the disqualification for multi-colored dogs.  The UKC breed standard now places solid-colored and multi-colored Poodles on equal footing, not as separate breeds or different varieties, but as one breed. 

UKC CH. Sisco's All Shook Up "Elvis"

UKC CH KS Unique Angelique RN CGC

Historically the parti color was common in Poodles. It wasn't until around the turn of the Twentith Century that for some unknown reason Poodle clubs disqualified the parti color.  However, multi-colored Poodles are currently experiencing a strong comeback in the U.S. and can be shown in conformation classes in the United Kennel Club.  Partis can also be registered with the American Kennel Club and shown in all classes *except* conformation.   

Te-Awa's Bronzed Star "McCloud"

UKC CH Sunset's Dressed for Success "Fashion"

UKC GRCH Sisco's I Like it Like That "Levi"

5-Star Gift of Grace "Gala" owned by Diane Whitehouse of Casual Country Poodles 

Te-Awa's Stars Over the Ocean "Ariana" 
Exported to the U.K. May 2007
Owner:  Michelle Crawford 

Bred by: 

Te-Awa's Stars Legacy Lives On "Ala" 
Owners:  Denise and David Spotila
Brookside Casa Standard Parti Poodles

UKC Ch. Te-Awa's Northern Ranger (Pippin) and UKC Ch. Te-Awa's Misty Mountain Merry (Merry) owned by Bob and Kathy Katz


The Parti Poodle
(Photo by Kelsey Wolf)


Owned by Bob and Kathy Katz