Twenty-first Century
Parti-color Standard Poodles
The French Connection

Tytan's Cheyenne Louisiana Girl, seven month-old parti Standard, was imported to France from the U.S. and is owned by Valerie Lea of Monaco.   

This page is dedicated to the efforts of the newly-formed Association des Caniches en France  and their efforts to get the parti Poodle recognized by the French Poodle Club.

Nathalie Bernard
(1st Vice President of ACBF)
with bicolor Dwarf  Déboulé
and bicolor Standard Youta

Valerie Lea
(President of ACBF)
with bicolor Standard Cheyenne

Armelle Maddison
(Treasurer of ACBF)
with bicolor Standard Cheyenne


in costume

Invitation from the Association du Caniche Bicolore en France

Our Association du Caniche Bicolore en France was officially brought to life with all our passion in July 2008.

Since the 14th of May 2008, we have been working diligently to bring you news on our website several times each week. To promote our parti Poodles, we contacted various mass medias and participated in exhibitions all over France.

We would like to do even more: organize our own exhibition, produce handmade material related to the parti-Poodle, meet other clubs or associations from outside France, and create a newsletter for those who do not have the Internet. All this to make our beloved parti Poodle well-known!

Each day we have more and more visitors to our website. In the first four months our website was on the Internet, we received an average of 6000 visitors.

Still, we need more people to subscribe. We know life is difficult for everyone in these times of worldwide economic crisis. Nevertheless, to live on, we need new subscriptions: 10 Euros is all the Association du Caniche Bicolore en France asks from each of you.

To those who are already members of the association, we wish to thank you all . . . very warmly! We rely on you to talk about our mutual cause to people around you and hopefully succeed in having them join us by becoming new members.

Thank you very much in advance!

The Parti Poodle

Valerie LEA
Présidente de l'Association des Caniches Bicolores en France.
Site :
Adresse mail:
Tél : 06 24 55 85 95