(Jan-Mar 2009)


Jyah is an early riser.  In the morning, as soon as the bedroom turns from pitch black to soft grey, he sits next to my bed staring at me, making little throat-clearing noises.   I pretend I'm still asleep . . . but that never works. 

As soon as he has accomplished his "alarm clock" task and I get up, he promptly goes back to bed. 

My Alarm Clock

Plop ~~ splash

One morning, before an expected guest arrived, I was in the back yard throwing a ball for Sydney.  

Later, my visitor and I were seated on lawn chairs, chatting and drinking tea.  Sydney had gone to lie down.  About fifteen minutes later, I suddenly heard "plop ~~ splash."  Looking down, I saw that Sydney, who was now rested,  had brought her ball for me to throw, getting my attention by dropping it in my glass.     

"Aww, go on, you big baby.  She only wants to trim you nails."

Youta, sitting next to her Great Dane friend, is from Nice, France.

What Youta is saying to her large companion is my own interpretation.   

Grizzly (silver) and Jiggs (parti) are Canadian Standard Poodles.  Here, Grizzly does his rock star impression, "howling" out a tune for his rapt fans.   

"Hey, Grizz,  will you teach me to sing like that?"