(Nov-Dec 2008)


Sydney loves food and  quickly scarfs down her dinner.  Then, if I don't keep her away from him, she hangs over Jyah hoping for some leftovers.  She reminds me of a Peanuts cartoon where Snoopy is sitting up in a tree pretending to be a vulture.

"I'm REALLY hungry, Jyah.  Are are you gonna eat ALL of that?"

Cleo, a Standard Poodle owned by Natasha in Brazil, is the object of  Giant Schnauzer Nicolai's affection.   Most Poodle girls love a chance to practice their femine wiles . . . though their idea of flirting may be different now than it once was.

"Ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille."

"Hey, big boy . . . I bet I'm better at agility than you are."


Sydney is a very feminine girl . . . with one exception.  As soon as I let her out in a grassed area, much to  my dismay, she immediately flips over and squirms on her back, covering hereself with dirt and bits of dried grass.

 My late Standard Poodle Keila was tall and willowy . . . and as gorgeous as any celebrity.  In the fall after being in the yard, she would come in the house, her ears festooned with gold and orange leaves that the cottony feathering attracted like magnets.  She looked like a movie star covered in jewels, saying . . .