(April  2009)

This Standard Poodle's name is Molly, and she is very athletic.  Her leaps and elevations remind me of a ballerina.

Poodle Ballet

Historically, Standard Poodles are supposed to be attracted to ducks and other water fowl; however, Jyah  mainly wants to get squirrels.  What provokes him so much about squirrels is that they are so darn rude!

"Grrrr... why don't you come down here and say that!!"

Were Jyah human, he would be a doctor.  He's always tending to Sydney  . . .  whether she wants him to or not.

Although Standard Poodles are far removed from their  wolf ancesters, most I've known have just as lovely singing voices.

"But, there's nothing wrong with my wrist, Jyah."

"I loooove to howl . . . . . . gosh, I hope those wolves don't think I'm calling them."